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More than just bikes

Our Mission

Pedal Express is a worker-owned bicycle courier service. We strive to provide the greenest, fastest, most affordable option for local delivery throughout the East Bay Area.

We at Pedal Express enjoy the challenges of the courier industry. Whether it’s a rush job to UC Berkeley, delivering lunch for an entire office in Emeryville, or hauling 150 pounds of publications to Downtown Oakland - we got you covered. All of our deliveries are done by bicycle. You can rest easy, knowing that your time-sensitive deliveries are being taken care of in environmentally sustainable manner. We love the East Bay communities that we serve. For over 20 years, Pedal Express has been committed to building long term partnerships with businesses and organizations who are dedicated to strengthening the local economy and creating quality jobs. That’s why we’re worker-owned and operated - every rider you see on the street is a devoted partner invested in the company, our communities, and dedicated to getting your delivery done right.

Our History

Pedal Express was founded in Berkeley, California in 1994 by a small group of environmental activists. The early years were spent focused on the potential of cargo bikes to haul heavy loads, often weighing in excess of several hundred pounds.

As the notoriety of Pedal Express grew, so too did our service area, quickly expanding beyond Berkeley, and into neighboring Oakland and Emeryville. Over time, Pedal Express has transformed into a more traditional bicycle courier company, emphasizing speed and efficiency using a variety of bikes.

From the beginning, Pedal Express has been a worker-owned cooperative. There are no bosses and all business decisions are reached by consensus. This non-hierarchical model has provided riders with a unique opportunity to own and operate a business. The result is a vibrant, communal organization that has been influenced by dozens of people over the past twenty years.

Throughout it all, Pedal Express remains committed to it’s core values. Everything we do is rooted in the belief that the bicycle is a tool to help achieve positive environmental and social change. We provide the East Bay Area with a sustainable delivery alternative while providing our clients with the highest level of service. Here’s to twenty more years of Pedal Express!

Our Team


Born and raised in Oakland, CA. Savanna likes bikes, babes, and burritos. Her dislikes include bad drivers and peanut butter.


Raised in the heart of the bay, Fernando spends his days playing music, creating art and enjoying delicious food. A pizza connoisseur, urban agriculture specialist, and community activist.


Non-Binary person raised in the Midwest. They like dismantling the wage system, crushing the patriarchy, and riding like they're from minneapolis. Also, burritos.


Likes eating trash and being sad.

The Bikes


The Bullitt - the current industry standard cargo bike. Light, fast and rated for loads of up to 400 lbs.

Long Haul

The pride of the Pedal Express fleet, the Long Haul is able to carry up to 150 pounds. The godfather of US cargo bikes.


The SOMA Tradesman. Rated to carry 50ish pounds on the front rack. Perfect for medium-sized packages of all kinds.


Pedal Express is equipped with a variety of trailers to transport heavy loads like a boss.


A majority of our deliveries are carried out by a highly skilled rider on his/her trusty steed. Each courier is equipped with a front/rear rack and XL messenger bag.

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